A Book that I Love

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 8

There is one book that I love and that was transformative to my life, The Alchemist.

In the book, we meet a boy-Santiago, who through the short fable matures to find his “Personal Legend.” The adventure that the boy goes on meeting a variety of characters along the way symbolizes the journey that we all take to find our purpose in life. The Alchemist is so important to me because it emphasizes the presence of Universal Law in all that we do. There is a presence and organizing power of the universe which, as Coelho states, “when you really want something to happen, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

I have experienced this a lot in my life. I deeply desire a full-time career in the entertainment industry. I have wanted to work in entertainment most of my life. Even the times when I didn’t know what it was that I didn’t want to do or be, entertainment and music was there in the background. I was 16 when I realized that I wanted to be an “Artist Development Rep,” for a record company. 10 years later I got a job as a “Field Marketing Rep,” for a major record company. Halfway through my one year tenure in this role, the company reorganized and changed our titles and my title was changed to “Artist Development Rep.” For me, I always saw this as the Universe giving me what it is that I deeply desired.

Today, another decade later, I aspire to be a Digital Content Manager for a major recording/media company. I created my own job description with the research into this role at other companies, as well as my own skills. I sent this description to a variety of contacts in this field, including a major hip-hop executive and a woman that I knew over 10 years ago. This woman happened to be a partner at the firm that I want to work at. She was actually transitioning out of the company, and got my email. She was happy to hear from me after all of these years offering her support and advice. She then sent me the email address of the CEO of the company, and gave him a good word about me. He set a meeting for two weeks from now.

I am fully confident that I will get a job at this company. I have visualized myself there. I have even picked out what I am going to wear on my first day. I have made lifestyle changes that will help me be prepared to be the best contribution that I can be to this company.

Like Santiago, I am on a journey. I chose to move to New York 7 months ago because it was the idea of me coming full circle. Living in New York means me living in the place where I have always wanted to live, it means being in the home of hip-hop. It means living in Harlem where the writers that I have always loved and admired walked many years ago, and I hope to make my own mark on this amazing city.

The Alchemist is Paulo Coelho’s most successful book and he has written many. He stated that the book only took two weeks to write, because the story was already written on his soul.

The writing that I do that contributes to hip-hop music and culture, I write from my soul. I write these stories and do these articles because I adore this music and I am grateful for the passion and freedom that it has inspired in me.


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