Where I Would Live, but Have Never Been

Writing Challenge Day 5.

I barely made it for this one. I was in bed all day. It’s cold and rainy in New York, and I’m in a new long distance relationship. So I was in bed all day watching TV and missing my boyfriend. I ended the evening at a RocNation/Tidal event, watching the door waiting for Jay Z to come in and say, “There she is! My daughter. The one woman that I’ve been needing on my team all my life!” Or some variation. Here’s the post. It’s short, cuz I’m sleepy and have a bit of a headache.

The place I would live, but have never been is London.

I feel like I would fit in in Brixton. I want to hang out with Black Londoners and Muslims. I want to eat fish and chips, and fake an accent. I would like to see all the cameras that they have installed in the city as security. I would love to see the many historic sites.

I know that my passion for London is inspired by the fact that as an “American” I grew up with a love/hate relationship with the Mother Country. I was socialized to believe that English people are smarter than most Americans. I was socialized to believe that this amazing country is the one that our “forefathers” revolted from. Yet, I dig London because England was one of the first countries to give up on the abomination that was chattel slavery.

Still… I wanna drink tea, stalk Idris Elba, and fuck up some fish and chips.


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