The Girl on the Train

Yesterday we were on the train and two black couples got on. They looked like money, the wives both smiled at me as they passed, and one had the prettiest teeth I’ve ever seen.

They sat behind us and talked about things that black people with money talk about. Their kids, sports, the neighborhood where they chose to build their houses.

As the train got closer to downtown Austin, we approached the MLK Jr Blvd stop and the neighborhood started to look the way neighborhoods near MLK look all over America.

One of the husbands said to the other wife, the one with the pretty teeth, “Hey ______. You think you could live over here?”

She responded, “Um… I’d rather go camping.”

And my BFF and I looked at each other, me with my mouth agape and her with her eyes rolled up in her head. When we got off the train, we dogged them as we walked for blocks about their disgusting insensitivity and classism.

But, inside really, I felt so hurt, disappointed, and heartbroken.

She had such a pretty smile too


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