Mini Blog 4: Blessings

I am a spiritual person. This means different things for different people. For me, it is a devout devotion to the knowledge that there is a higher organizing power in the Universe. For me, that power is God.

God shows up for me a lot of different ways. Sometimes He manifests as a winning scratch off ticket. Sometimes He manifests in my horoscope written by Cal Garrison. Sometimes He walks right past me on the street.

I recently met someone that I had been wanting to meet for months, maybe years, but especially the last few months. I had thought about this moment, meditated on it, prayed about it. I was in contact with him, but unsure of how it would happen. I imagined what I would wear, what I would say. This person is a high-level executive in the music industry. He is well-known and worked for almost 20 years for a very big rapper. He is considered an A&R genius, and I have followed his career for years. These are all the things that I imagined that I would say when we met.

I never imagined that he would literally walk past me on the street.

I stopped. We spoke. He knew my name and face from Instagram, and a few emails. He was so shocked that we would meet on the streets of Harlem, his hometown. When he was leaving town the next day and so was I. We exchanged numbers and promised to get together in a few weeks when we each returned to the city.

I am still in shock. I believe in Universal Law. I believe in the ability to co-create your life with God. In fact, it is the only thing that I believe in. But, I am still in awe when it works.


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