I’m working on essays. I’m going to be writing essays for the next 26 days exactly. I have a lot of writing to do…and I have a lot of beginnings and very few endings. I thought I would share some of this work with you.

Why I Left my Daughter

By Biba Adams

Six months ago, I moved to New York City. I packed up my house, my belongings, my daughter, and my dog. The dog came with me, the daughter did not, and eventually the dog left too.

The Deliberate Diminishment of the Female Emcee

By Biba Adams

In the 2002 film, Brown Sugar, journalist Sydney Shaw asks rappers “When did you fall in love with hip-hop?” Every rapper she interviews is a man, yet she, a woman, is charged with being the scribe of a culture that is often seeks to deliberately exclude the many women who were also integral in its evolution.

Jeezy Taught Me

By Biba Adams

It’s 4:12 am on a Sunday morning, and I am in the studio with Young Jeezy. I am drunk off my ass, we have been consuming Moet Rose’ (his favorite) all night. There are three other girls here, who all seem to be mute. Instead of speaking, laughing, or having a good time-they are engrossed in their cellphones, scrolling. I am not on my phone. I standing next to one of the most famous rappers in the world trying to teach him how to dance.

This is what I do… all day every day. Try to make sense of my life on paper, and try to hope that people get it and feel it.

Hope you do. Love from New York.



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