Ladybugs: A Poem

I have a ladybug tattoo. This is not a picture of mine…but I have this very same one.

I picked a ladybug as my first tat because they represent luck and blessings. I have always identified with them. There was also that time when I worked for a company that had a ladybug infestation, and during it, I was experiencing some of the greatest luck of my life. So, they have always been special to me.

Assigned to write a poem the other day about something in nature. I chose my old friend, the Ladybug. My classmates gave me good feedback that it was “charming and delightful,” but also to “not run away from the story when it is about to reveal something to me. To stay in it.” Real talk… I’m still processing that piece.

Anyway, here it is… I don’t know if anybody reads this blog…I am still figuring out what it is, and what it will be. But, I hope you enjoy. Peace.

Red, orange, or yellow

Speckled with black.

Ladybugs prefer to be called Ladybirds

One of their many ironies.

For they are neither birds, nor all of them ladies.

Nor gentlemen either, I suppose.

They mate for hours and are highly promiscuous.

Predatory beetles, consuming mites and white flies

A Gardeners Best Friend,

An aphid’s worst enemy.

Adorably colored, their looks protect them

Unappealing to predators constantly secreting foul fluids,

“I taste terrible,” they say

In their own adorable way.


It is often said, that ladybugs carry wishes and dreams

Even that she will lead you to your future husband

While her own is emasculated taking on her name, smaller in size, smaller still in relevance


Ladybirds are at home in dreams,

reminding to let things flow

At their natural pace.

To leave worry behind,

Happiness is on the way.

As totems, they choose only the lively.

Joyful, easy-going, spiritual and inquisitive,

They are beauty and luck

And all wishes coming true.

They forgo wishes and dreams of their own,

Helpers of gardens and guides to delight.



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