Hip Hop Saved My Life—A Poem

I presented this in my fiction/poetry class last night. I got a lot of good feedback. I can think of some ways that I want to make it better, but, I’m pleased to share this draft with you.

LL Cool J was hard as hell

There was no one like him that could, “Rock the Bells.”

Then there were the Kings from Queens,

Run and DMC.

They told us all to “What this Way,” in our Adidas.

And we did.

A Tribe Called Quest made it cool to be weird

50 Cent was the return of the gangster after surviving 9 shots,

But, there was no one more “Illmatic,” than the legendary Nas.


BK was where you really got B.I.G

The borough that gave us Big Daddy and Jay Z

Mos Def and Talib Kweli

Gang Starr, Sean Price, and ODB

Brooklyn was nice on the mic,

It was BK that gave us MC Lyte.

Wu Tang was from Shaolin, an island of its own.


But, the South Bronx was where you originally called home.

Then you spread across New York and even traveled down South

You met Outkast’s and Underground Kings,

They gave hip-hop a southern swing.

And Common was right, you did get your money in L.A.

From Snoop and Dre

Kendrick and Game.

You even made your way to The Bay.

Detroit had a strong scene too

Eminem came out and killed shit

A white rapper from an all-black city, no one expected it.

He sold millions after crossing 8 Mile.


You gave a voice to the masses and created a new culture

The jazz age reinvented and you haven’t relented.

You are internationally respected and to me you are the world.

I don’t know where I would be with you,

Who would I be?

What would I say?

With you in my life, it has purpose and meaning.

I love you with every beat of my heart

You make me happy, alive and awake.

Hip-Hop, you give much more than you take.



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