Anniversaries Mini Blog 3

I respect anniversaries… Honestly, I love anniversaries more than I love birthdays. Ain’t no stupid ass song or a cake. Get a little gift if you give a shit, or buy a round if you don’t or kinda do, because you’re not a fu*king monster for God’s sake.

I am a single woman. (Boo. Hiss. Cheer.) Either way, I don’t give a f**k. I am who I am. What I’m sposed to do? Explain that to you? Anyway…

I’m single.

Was listening to “Top of the World,” from the AMAZING Menace II Society Soundtrack earlier… And, I realized… it isn’t the anniversary of it, but this is definitely the first song that a dude ever ate me out to.

Of course it isn’t the last.

I mean, some of the things are only for mommies and daddies or writers and rappers to talk about.

I digress.

I wondered… is this an anniversary worth celebrating? I can’t remember the date and thanks to Freaknic, I can’t remember the person either. But, he probably had a slope haircut and a herringbone and went to Clark, Howard, or Grambling. He is more than likely an Alpha or a Sigma (cuz they be low key sexy) right now.

I guess it really don’t matter… he took me to the “Top of the World,” and I took a few more folks to enjoy the view. So, I ain’t mad.


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