Man Crush Monday

I texted my best friend: A rapper whose music you don’t listen to, but you would bang. Go!

Her: The Game, A$AP Rocky, T.I.

We went on to talk about the things we would do with each artist, each more hilarious than the last.

Me: Rocky could get it, but he would make me insecure.

Her: He would probably say something rude.

Me: Like, “Yeah…you really like them little Vicky’s panties, don’t you?” And you be insulted cuz they yo nice ones. LOL.

Her: He’s terrible. Why we let him do us like that?

Me: I’m on my way back to NYC, let’s go egg his car.

We crack up laughing again…because it’s just pretend. We don’t know A$AP Rocky. We don’t actually wanna have sex with A$AP Rocky. We just find him attractive and it’s fun wondering what kind of person he is. In our scenario, he’s a jerk. Specifically:

Me: A ole leave while you in the bathroom a*s ni**a.

I used to write blog posts called “RILF” Rappers that I’d Like to F*ck.

My mentor, Chuck Creekmur, who is the CEO of AllHipHop (my primary media outlet) hated them. He said they were, in fact, “disgusting.” Because…maybe he thinks they are real.

That’s a very male thought. For men if you label them your MCM, they think it’s real. They think they are a brief interaction away from those Vicky panties. When in reality, most times for most women (at least grown ones) MCM is just a game. I mean, for God’s sake… I posted Forrest Whitaker as mine at least three times.

MCM (and RILF’s and our little text game) is all about silly fantasies. Things that you wonder about a guy who for any reason… you never actually will get with. Just because you find someone attractive, just because you have a crush on them, doesn’t mean you would ever be compatible…most women know that. It’s all fun and games.

Unless you actually are The Game. Then it’s real… text me, Jayceon.


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