New Year’s Evolutions

We are nearly 6 weeks into 2016. I would gather that most people who resolved to go to the gym every day are now MIA. Those who resolved to save are probably as broke as ever. I recently read an article by Alan Cohen titled, “Keeping Your New Year’s Evolutions.”

The article stated that most people don’t keep their New Year’s Resolutions because Cohen says: “Resolutions imply an imposition of will over joy; of forcing over allowing; of demanding over flowing.” In other words, we are pushing when we should be pulling. We should be pulling and drawing from the energy of the universe and placing ourselves in alignment with that energy.

It’s sort of like Biggie said, “Damn right I like the life I live, cause I went from negative to positive.”

If you think of yourself this year, Sweet 16, as EVOLVING more than RESOLVING. Then you too are taking a stance that is more positive than negative.

Cohen reminds us that, “Your evolution is proceeding without flaw. All the experiences you have ever had have led you to where you now stand.” He encourages each of us to, “Quit telling the universe how to run. It already knows.”

This doesn’t mean to stand still, to stop working out, to stop saving. Instead, change the intention behind each action. Move with intention. Challenge yourself to find the real why. Workout to add years to your life versus to take away pounds. Save to enjoy your money later versus the instant gratification of now. Set clear intentions and don’t resolve…evolve.




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